Know it or not, there is no doubt
The game is on,  money has clout…
Every news cycle, order of the day
Business as usual, ante up ‘n play…


Maybe, to be more accurate, it’s not business as usual in DC.

As of 2019, myriad criminal charges (near 200), indictments (37), multiple plea deals and convictions, and some 20 or so investigations plague the President’s administration.

In this sense the next presidential election, 2020, will be referendum-time with the US electorate as jury.

If you’re a fan of the pres and his style of business, transactional, then you’re probably still a fan even as a Department of Justice report paints a dire case.

You might say the current US president’s a strong man, a survivor in a tough world.

History will be an ultimate judge, but for now it’s more of the same.

The DOJ Mueller report will be one of many questions the US voting electorate has to judge.


One of the biggest questions of the past two years — something that fueled the news coverage, the federal investigation and congressional scrutiny — is why so many people around Mr. Trump lied, misled and changed their stories. People hoping that Mr. Mueller would resolve those questions will be disappointed. Time and again, Mr. Mueller seems as confused as anyone else about the motives.
— Matt Apuzzo


There’s Gold in Washington DC